Running out of room to host family gatherings? Look no farther than your own basement! MidAmerica Basement Systems offers many products that can change that dark, damp basement, into a beautiful “new” addition! We offer many products from walls to flooring, to egress windows and ceiling. Egress windows are a great, and the safe way to help maximize the living space in your basement. Egress windows not only provide an alternative escape route during emergencies, but help make the basement feel less like a basement while bringing in more natural light into the dark area.

Basements can be cold and damp. With EverLast Wall Paneling, the basement automatically becomes warmer. Using 2 ½ inches of SilverGlo high-density foam insulation, the panels have R-Value of 13 and resist the growth of mold or mildew. The durable EverLast Wall panels also have the compacity to hold up to 300lbs per panel!

What about that cold, damp floor? That’s not an issue! ThermalDry Floor Matting and Elite Plank Flooring were specifically designed to be installed on cold, damp floors. Each tile has raised pegs to create air space between the piece and concrete floor. This allows for any moisture to flow properly to where it needs to go. The peg raised system also creates a thermal break from the cold floor, making it bearable to be bare foot. The unique interlocking tiles make for an easy installation and can easily be popped out if the floor is become entirely wet. The best part of ThermalDry Flooring is it comes in laminate, carpet, and wood planking that will not be damaged by moisture or grow mold!

And don’t forget the ceiling, lighting, electrical, crown molding, doors and other custom features! At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we can transform your dark, damp, cold basement, into a livable, bright, beautiful place! For more information on other Total Basement Finishing Products, click here. For a FREE ESTIMATE on how we can change your unusable space to livable, contact us today!

Continue hosting your family gatherings in your own home with the help from MidAmerica Basement Systems.

Egress windows provide an alternative safety route while offering natural light
MidAmerica Basement Systems can turn any dark, damp basement into beautiful, livable space