WaterGuard has many advantages to indoor installation: easier accessibility, more affordable than outside drainage systems, can be installed within one to two days, and easily serviceable year-round. Trenches are dug around the perimeter of the foundation, above the foundation footing. Placing the WaterGuard on top of the footing rather than beside it, prevents the drainage system from clogging with debris and mud. It doesn’t take weeks on end to install WaterGuard, two- and three-men crews can properly and successfully install the system in as little as a day. And because the system is installed inside your home, any maintenance to the system can be done anytime of the year. No waiting for the ground to thaw after the winter months.

WaterGaurd has many features that outweighs the next drainage system. The design prevents the system from clogging so you will never have to worry about it backing up. Most drainages systems are placed alongside the footing, in the “mud zone”, causing the pipes to clog from mud and debris. A 3/8-inch gap between the floor and wall, known as the WaterGaurd flange spacers is another perk. It allows for water coming in from leaking walls and windows, to drain into WaterGuard, without clogging the pipes from debris and dirt. If the gap was not present, water would from leaking windows and walls would end up on the floor, defeating the purpose of the WaterGuard drainage system. Due to the small gap, it looks nice and neat, in a discreet way. WaterGuard pairs perfectly with any existing and new sump pump system. Acting as the main drainage pipe, the water flows directly to the sump pump where it is properly discharge from your home.

MidAmerica Basement Systems offers many different interior drainage systems. Each is installed to fit the special needs of your home. Contact MidAmerica Basement Systems Today to have a FREE ESTIMATE on WaterGuard Installation. Each home is very unique, and we want the proper drainage system installed in your home.