At MidAmerica Basement Systems we know that your pets are like family and when we are in your home we want to treat them as such. Having new people in your home who are often making a lot of noise can be traumatizing to your furry friends and we want to make sure that they are safe and comfortable in their home. It is important to us that we know about your pets when we come into your home so that we make the necessary arrangments to keep your pets safe.

When we are making the arrangements for your project and you receive a pre-installation notice, that is a great time to let us know about your pets so that we can anticipate on making new furry friends. By informing us of your pets and where they are located in your home we can be sure not to disturb them and make sure that we do not accidentally let them out of the house or the yard where they may be kept. Upon arrival at your home, let us know so that we can organize our work properly and also so we can give your furry friends some love and attention.

We Love Your Pets Too! - Image 1
We Love Your Pets Too! - Image 2