George was noticing water entering through the floor and wall joint, but was never concerned about it, he just placed his belonging on top of wooden pallet. Leaving the leaking joints left untreated, he began to notice water was seeping out of the walls, and during having rains, it would shoot out of the walls. The many years that George had left the basement untreated caused for the stairs to rot away, making it necessary to replace, and mold had grown throughout the area. His once wooden pallets were becoming wet and ruining his belongings. He finally had enough and reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have the issue addressed.


When design specialist, Mac arrived to evaluate George’s situation, he offered the perfect waterproofing solution. To address the shooting wall water, CleanSpace Liner and BrightWall was installed. The CleanSpace helps reduce moisture in the basement, while the BrightWall covers the CleanSpace, preventing water from shooting out of the walls. To fix the water leaking in from the wall and floor joint, WaterGuard was installed around the perimeter of the basement. WaterGuard does not only collect and prevent the water from surfacing, it also collects the water that has seeped in through the walls. A TripleSafe sump was installed to discharge all the water out of the basement, stopping future damage to George’s belongings. To keep the humidity levels under control, a SaniDry Sedona was installed. With the new waterproofing system in place, George no longer has to worry about water surfacing in his basement, and best yet, can place his belongings on the floor instead of on top of wooden pallets.

Project Summary

Waterproofing Products: TripleSafe, WaterGuard, CleanSpace, & BrightWall

Leaking basement has left the homeowner to store belongings on top of wooden pallets.
Leaving the untreated area has allowed for mold to grow and cause the stairs to rot, making them unsafe.
TripleSafe sump in installed to discharge the water the enters the basement.
CleanSpace, BrightWall and WaterGuard prevents water from surfacing, helping in the aid to keep the basement dry.
A SaniDry Sedona is installed to insure controlled humidity levels.