What Causes Concrete Problems

What Causes Concrete Problems

How Damages to Your Concrete Happens

Concrete problems can arise from a variety of causes. Uneven, cracked concrete is dangerous, making people more susceptible to tripping and injuring themselves. Damaged concrete also lessens curb appeal, devaluing your home's worth. If you notice signs of uneven or cracking concrete, it's best to get it fixed right away, as it gets more severe over time.

Trust the expert team at MidAmerica Basement Systems to diagnose and fix your concrete problems with our affordable and easy solutions.

Cracked concrete is unsightly, but not all cracks are cause for concern.

The Most Common Causes of Cracked Concrete

When constructing a new home, the soil that gets replaced around the property is looser than before. When the dirt isn't compacted enough, it doesn't have the strength necessary to hold the weight of poured concrete over time. Eventually, voids underneath the slabs will develop, causing settling and cracking.

Because of its strength and flexibility, concrete is a valuable and widely used resource. Although it stands up to a lot, it's not impossible to break. Cracks, sunken or broken slabs, and flaking happen pretty commonly. When this happens, one solution homeowners choose to use is cement replacement. However, entirely replacing your concrete is a costly and time-consuming project.

Our team of experts has a better solution. We can repair concrete damage without the hassle of replacement. The experienced professionals at MidAmerica Basement Systems have the right tools, materials and expertise to fix your concrete quickly.

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Common Concrete Issues

  • Loose soil: When your home was built, soil movement around the building site results in inadequate compaction. Even when the restored soil is compacted well, it's never as durable as the original soil. Over time, this can cause voids to form and slabs to settle.

  • Drought conditions: Another reason for soil breakdown is drought. During extremely dry conditions, or even just during seasons of low rain and hot weather, the soil under your concrete will dry out and shrivel, producing voids. The concrete above ultimately cracks from settling into these hollow areas, especially with extra weight.

  • Floods: After a dry period, rainwater has a more accessible pathway under the slab. The oversaturated soil becomes too weak to carry the concrete above it. In the worst case, the soil erodes and washes away completely, leaving large crevices that cannot support the concrete's weight.

Flaking, Pitting and Staining

Another issue that commonly happens to concrete after long-term exposure to the elements is flaking. When the top layer flakes away, the surface becomes inconsistent and pitted.

Once this happens, moisture can easily damage the concrete. It leaks into the pores of untreated concrete. When temperatures drop, especially during extreme freezing and thawing fluctuations, the water that's trapped expands when it freezes. The expansion results in concrete slabs that pit and flake. Once the top layer is compromised, concrete's porous nature is susceptible to staining.

Street Creep

As a homeowner, you don't just have to worry about your concrete slabs; you need to be concerned with the sidewalks that make up your whole street.

During cold weather, your street's slabs contract, opening up the joints between them. Once this happens, they become filled with rocks and other debris. The concrete expands once the weather warms up, but the joints are now filled with material that won't compress. The waste takes up room, so the pressure has nowhere to go except up your driveway. This "street creep" puts intense pressure on your home and causes significant damage.

Get a Free Estimate for Your Concrete Today

Whichever issue is the underlying cause of your damaged concrete, we have an efficient and easy solution. MidAmerica Basement Systems offers a faster, more affordable solution than complete concrete replacement. Our experts will diagnose the correct reason for your concrete's damage and give you a free estimate for the best repair solution. Contact us today for a free estimate in Peoria, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Davenport, Iowa City, Dubuque, Rock Island, Moline, East Peoria, Clinton and the nearby areas.

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