Why Does Concrete Sink

Why Does Concrete Sink

What Makes Concrete Sink and Can It Be Prevented?

It may seem like a strange occurrence, but it is very common for concrete slabs to sink. Some slabs may sink much more than others depending on the condition of the soil below it. The main cause of concrete sinking is from the soil underneath it.

How shifting soils cause sinking concrete

Changing weather conditions can cause the soil to shift underneath concrete. During heavy rains, the soil becomes very saturated with water and causes the soil to expand larger than its original size. This expansion causes it to push outward. During dry weather conditions, the soil then contracts and shrinks down to a smaller size. The expansion and contraction creates voids in the soil.

These voids cause the soil to become much less supportive than its original state. In its original state, soil is undisturbed and very supportive of the concrete above. Once it becomes disrupted by the changing weather conditions, it loses its support and becomes very weak.

The concrete slabs on top of this soil are very heavy, so once the soil becomes weak, it’s easy for the slabs to sink into the ground. One slab can sink below the other, causing a dangerous tripping hazard on your sidewalk, driveway, or patio. Over time, this can create a very big problem and decrease your home’s value if it’s not fixed.

Aside from your home’s value, uneven concrete can also be dangerous to your family and create large tripping hazards. If you notice any early signs of sinking concrete, it’s best to get it fixed right away before it continues to sink further.

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