Crawl Space Solutions

Crawl Space Solutions

We Have the Crawl Space Solutions For You

Although crawl spaces are prone to many different issues, there are many different solutions to keep them maintained and healthy. Crawl spaces can have water damage or structural damage that may require multiple solutions in order to repair the crawl space and keep it healthy.


Depending on what kind of damage is done to the crawl space, it may require extensive work and a customized solution. Water damage can wreak havoc on your crawl space and cause many different kinds of damage. Water damage can lead to mold growth, musty odors, rotten floor joists, and many other issues. 

If your crawl space has water damage, there are many different solutions to fix it. Some of those solutions include:


  • Sump Pump: Installing a sump pump will protect your crawl space from flooding by constantly flushing out water before it ever enters your crawl space.


  • Dehumidifier: Dehumidifiers work around the clock to keep the air inside your crawl space constantly dry. Dry air prevents any humidity from building up, which can lead to mold or mildew. 


  • Vapor Barrier: A vapor barrier is a thick, plastic liner that lines around your crawl space. It is completely waterproof and protects your crawl space from water, mold, pest infestation, and many other problems that come from water.


  • Crawl Space Drain: A crawl space drain can be installed to protect your crawl space from water damage and will consistently drain out water from your crawl space. 

The MidAmerica Basement Systems team specializes in solutions for sagging floors above the crawl space, mold and moisture concerns in the space, as well as air flow concerns.


MidAmerica Basement Systems offers several different crawl space solutions to keep your crawl space dry and healthy. If you’re not sure what’s causing your crawl space problems, we offer free estimates to find the problem and recommend a solution. Contact us today for your free quote!



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