Musty Smell In Crawl Space

Musty Smell In Crawl Space

What A Musty Smell in Your Crawl Space Means

If you notice a musty smell in your Davenport home’s crawl space, it’s a telltale sign of water damage. If water enters your crawl space and is left untreated, it becomes stagnant and gives off a musty smell. Water in your crawl space can lead to multiple different issues, including health-related issues and structural issues.

Water left in your crawl space can create a musty smell that can impact the rest of your home. The musty smell usually comes from the stagnant water in your Davenport residence or from mold and mildew. As the water sits in your crawl space, it can cause mold and mildew to grow which can create musty foul odors, as well as release potentially dangerous mold spores into the air.

A phenomenon known as the stack effect allows any air from your crawl space to seep up through the floorboards and enter the main living areas of your home. If there are any musty odors in your crawl space, it’s likely that they’ll infiltrate your home as well. This can also cause those dangerous mold spores to enter your home and cause health issues for you and your family.

The water can also sit on wooden floor joists and cause them to rot, making them weak and causing structural issues. The rotten floor joists can cause the musty odors to become worse and can be difficult to get rid of.

Many homeowners notice the musty smell in their Davenport home and don’t realize it’s coming from their crawl space. They mistake the smell coming from other items in their home and can’t seem to get rid of the smell. If you notice musty smells at your house in Davenport and can’t seem to pinpoint the reason, it’s likely coming from your crawl space.

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