Wet Insulation

Wet Insulation

Wet Insulation is a Sure Sign of Crawl Space Damage

Water is one of the worst problems that a crawl space can encounter. It can easily enter a crawl space through multiple different areas and cause extensive damage. Whether it’s a lot of water rushing in all at once, or a slow build-up of moisture and condensation over time, any water in a crawl space is a problem.

The water in a crawl space can build up as condensation, and damage the insulation of your home in Davenport. Wet insulation loses its thermal resistance when it gets wet and basically becomes useless. Once your insulation is useless from water damage, it can increase your energy bills and make it harder to control the temperature in your home.

Aside from becoming useless, wet insulation can also lead to mold growth. Mold relies on water to grow, and once insulation becomes wet it is very difficult to dry out. As the moisture sits in the insulation, it creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. Once mold grows in your insulation there’s no way of getting it out and your insulation must be replaced.

In Davenport, wet insulation can also cause the wooden floor joists in your crawl space to become wet. Once the joists become wet, it causes them to rot and become weak. Weak and rotting floor joists can lead to many different issues, including sagging floors inside your home and other major structural issues.

In order to know if you have a problem with wet insulation in your  Davenport crawl space, there are signs to look for that indicate your insulation may be wet. Some of the signs are musty smells and uncomfortable temperatures within the home. As the insulation becomes wet, it can give off musty or foul odors that can infiltrate your home and can make it difficult to control temperature.

MidAmerica Basement Systems has helped homeowners protect their crawl spaces from water damage for over 30 years. If you notice any symptoms of water damage that can cause your insulation to become wet, contact MidAmerica Basement Systems for your free quote!


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