Crawl Space Winterization

Crawl Space Winterization

Winterize Your Crawl Space to Protect it from Damage 

Taking care of your crawl space is very important, especially in the wintertime. If your crawl space is left unkempt, it can impact the rest of your home. Crawl spaces are designed with very little insulation and protection from the cold weather, so it’s important to winterize for temperature control to avoid frozen pipes and cold interior floors. 

MidAmerica Basement Systems can winterize your crawl space, so you never have to worry about the damaging effects of the cold winter months. Our winterizing products can insulate your crawl space to keep it a temperature-controlled environment. Contact us to schedule your free crawl space winterization estimate. 

Our repairs solve your cold weather problems:

  • Cold floors above the crawl space.
  • Cold drafts coming up from the crawl space.
  • High heating bills.
  • Cold crawl space ductwork that cools the heated air from your furnace.
  • Frozen pipes due to inadequate insulation.

Crawl Space Vents Cause More Harm than Good 

Most crawl spaces were designed with vents in order to promote air circulation. Over time, people realized that the crawl space vents let in humid air in the summer months and cold air in the winter months. This made it very difficult to control the temperature inside crawl spaces as well as inside the home. 

In order to control temperature and keep the cold air out, our crawl space experts at MidAmerica completely seal your crawl space to keep it clean, dry, and energy-efficient. 

Our crawl space sealing process:

Seal & insulate the rim joist: The gaps around the rim joist of your foundation are sealed to prevent any cold air from leaking in. After sealing the gaps, we then install foam insulation to help control temperature. 


A complete system. Our patented CleanSpace® crawl space products are designed to work together, providing complete sealing, insulating & moisture control. This photo shows rigid foam wall insulation, drain pipe, drainage matting, floor insulation and a moisture barrier.

Install insulation in crawl space walls: Next, we install our SilverGlo™ crawl space insulation inside your crawl space walls. SilverGlo™ is much thicker and stronger than fiberglass and won’t let air through. 

Seal crawl space floor & install insulation: We install the TerraBlock™ insulation inside your crawl space floor to keep cold air out and help with temperature control. After insulation is installed, we then install our CleanSpace® moisture barrier along your entire crawl space walls and floor to completely keep all air and moisture out


Avoid condensation problems. Humidity in the crawl space can form condensation on cold surfaces, like ducts and pipes. This can lead to mold, rot & leaky ducts. Properly insulating & sealing the crawl space will solve these problems.

Winterizing Helps All Year Round 

Winterizing your crawl space helps protect it all year long, not just during the winter. Sealing and insulating it helps control temperature all year round and can help maintain lower utility bills every month. As an added bonus, it also gives you a clean extra storage space for your belongings. 

Let MidAmerica Protect Your Crawl Space

Our crawl space experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems know what it takes to protect your crawl space and keep your home warm and healthy throughout the winter. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate for crawl space winterization! We proudly serve customers in Davenport, Peoria, Waterloo, Iowa City and many areas of Illinois and Iowa.

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