Foundation Problems Symptoms

Foundation Problems Symptoms

Learn the Symptoms of Foundation Problem

As a homeowner, it’s important to be able to identify the symptoms of foundation problems in your Davenport home so that you can call in professionals for an expert opinion. While some signs are obvious, other signs can be subtle and difficult to identify. It’s important to address these problems at the earliest signs to keep them from getting worse. 

At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we want to help you be able to recognize the symptoms on your own and know when to call us so we can provide a recommendation for a solution. Once you’ve identified the symptoms, we provide free estimates to walk you through the process for the repair of your Davenport home's foundation problems. 

Interior Symptoms:

Uneven floors

Uneven or Sagging Floors

The floor joists in your home can start to sink and sag as your foundation settles into the ground.

Bowing Walls

Bowing or Buckling Walls

The soils surrounding your home’s foundation can put massive amounts of pressure on your foundation walls as they become wet and expand, resulting in bowing walls. 

Floor Cracks

Cracks in Floor

As your foundation settles, it can cause your floor to sink in certain spots and create large cracks in your floor.

Sagging Crawl Space

Sagging Crawl Space

The joists and beams in your crawl space can start to sag as a result of a settling foundation and compromise your home’s structural stability. 

Interior Wall Cracks

Interior Wall Cracks

Foundation settlement can result in interior wall cracks, typically near doors or windows. 

Sticking Doors Windows

Sticking Doors & Windows

If your doors and windows are harder to open and close, or appear to be “sticking,” this is a common sign of foundation settlement. 

Exterior Symptoms:

Tilting Chimney

Tilting Chimney

As foundations settle, chimneys can start to pull away from the home and tilt.

Street Creep

Street Creep

This occurs when the street starts to expand and push against your driveway, causing it to crack or settle. 

Exterior Crack

Exterior Wall Cracks

Cracks in your exterior walls are a telltale sign of foundation settlement.

Our Foundation Experts Can Help

At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we’ve seen it all when it comes to foundation problems. No matter what type of problem your home is experiencing, we can diagnose the problem and recommend a viable solution. Our experts are happy to answer all your questions about wall cracks, foundation settling, or uneven floors in your Davenport home during your free inspection.

Contact us today to schedule your inspection! We serve throughout Peoria, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Waterloo, Iowa City, Dubuque, Rock Island, Clinton, Moline, East Peoria, and the surrounding areas.


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