Sticking Doors And Windows

Sticking Doors And Windows

Why Does a Window Stick? Does a Door Sticking Relate to Foundation Problems?

How To Solve Foundation Problems That Lead To Sticking Windows & Doors

If your windows or doors are jamming, getting stuck, or your locks aren’t quite lining up, it’s time to call your Davenport foundation repair experts, here at MidAmerica Basement Systems.

Here are some telltale signs of this problem:

  • Door and window openings aren’t centered or square
  • Doors stick or don’t open properly
  • Windows need to be forced open or closed
  • Floors are sagging or uneven
  • Diagonal cracks starting at corners of doors or windows

How to fix the underlying issue:

There are several potential causes for sticking doors and windows, but two common ones are foundation settlement and the settlement or shifting of crawl space supports. Foundation piers are typically used to address settlement issues, and we use crawl space jacks to fix sagging floors. 


Window damage due to foundation settlement in Freeport.

Any opening made in a wall represents a weak point. This is especially true for load-bearing exterior walls. That's why foundation settlement will often cause cracks around window and door openings, as shown above.

Identifying Problems With Windows & Doors

Any problem with a home can be distressing, and doubly so when there's a problem with your foundation. Foundation problems related to sticking windows and doors are among the most obvious and inconvenient of them all.

Symptoms Of Sticking Windows & Doors

Your home’s doors and windows are essential to your security and ventilation, so when they’re malfunctioning, it can be quite a hassle. Check out the images below for examples of how foundation issues can look on the interior.

Window Sticking Crack
Sliding Door Crack
Door Sticking Crack
Exterior Window Crack
Exterior Door Crack
Exterior Window Sticking

What Causes Windows And Doors To Stick Or Jam?

Here at MidAmerica Basement Systems, we’ve seen a whole range of foundation problems in Davenport, and many of them present in a similar fashion. Cracks along window and door openings, sticking, jamming, and other problems can reveal deeper foundation issues that need your attention right away. By addressing your home’s foundation problems now, you can avoid potential future damage and expense.

Most cracking and sticking windows and doors are symptoms of foundation issues, which typically come from two sources:

1. Settling Foundations

Uneven erosion or settlement of the soil under your home can cause bending, bowing, or twisting of your home’s framing and supports. The less flexible materials in your home, like drywall and masonry, will show cracks, while materials like wood and concrete can start to lean or sag.


The Solution:

Our crew of foundation repair specialists can address foundation settlement issues with a pier system. Foundation piers are driven deep into the soil, lifting, leveling, and supporting your home for many years into the future.


2. Sinking Crawl Space Supports

Too many crawl spaces have poor design and unseen damage, leading to weakness in the structure. As the crawl space sinks or settles, the floors above sink, too, pulling your home’s walls and framing downward. This results in warped and uneven floors, doors, and windows.


The Solution:

MidAmerica Basement Systems can install new crawl space jacks, with concrete bases, to lift everything back up to its original position. This is a quick solution that has lasting impact on your entire home. 


Your Local Foundation Repair Experts in Davenport

If you’ve noticed your windows and doors are sticking or are hard to operate, you likely have foundation issues. Call us today at MidAmerica Basement Systems of Davenport and ask for your free inspection and estimate! 

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