Foundation Wall Cracks

Foundation Wall Cracks

The Impact of Foundation Wall Cracks on Your Home

The stability of your foundation plays a huge role in the overall structural stability of your home. If your foundation has cracks in it, it can lead to very big, expensive issues in the future. It’s important to address any foundation wall cracks as soon as you notice one. 

What Causes Foundation Wall Cracks?

As the soils in the ground get wet, they can expand and put massive amounts of pressure on your foundation walls. Your walls can start to bow inward and eventually crack from all the pressure. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your foundation is experiencing any damage, but here are a few telltale signs: 

  • Cracks can be large or small, horizontal or vertical
  • Cracks can appear in a stair-step pattern
  • Foundation walls are bowing or bulging
  • Pushing in at the bottom or top of the wall

Sometimes concrete walls can develop small cracks as they cure, which are typically nothing to worry about. If you notice bigger cracks that continue to grow over time, this is usually a sign of foundation wall failure. 

How to Repair Wall Cracks

Depending on your home’s situation, there are many different repair products for foundation wall cracks. Our specialist will assess your foundation and recommend the best possible solution for repair. Foundation piers are typically a good solution to fix foundation settlement issues, while a wall anchor system can help solve problems created by expansive soils.  No matter what type of foundation problems you’re facing, our experts at MidAmerica will help you repair them. 


At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we can inspect your foundation at no charge, providing you with a written solution that's warrantied to permanently stabilize your home's structure.

In many cases, we may even be able to close the cracks, straighten doors and windows, and return your foundation to its original position.

Different Types of Foundation Wall Cracks

Foundation cracks can vary in severity, but it’s important to be able to identify them quickly to call out an expert and see if it’s anything to worry about. While some cracks can simply be on the surface, others can be a sign of serious foundation damage. 

Here are the main reasons that concrete cracks form:

1. Concrete Curing

As new concrete cures, it’s very common to see small cracks form during the curing process. These are typically very small cracks and are usually nothing you need to worry about. They resemble hairline cracks and usually do not continually get bigger over time. It’s important to keep an eye on these and call in an expert if you notice the cracks getting bigger. 


2. Settling Foundation

If your foundation is settling into the ground, you’ll begin to notice cracks in your foundation walls. These cracks will continually get worse over time as your foundation continues to sink into the ground and can result in serious safety issues for your home. 



3. Expansive Soils

As soils around your foundation become wet, they can expand and put massive amounts of pressure on your foundation walls. As this pressure builds up, it can cause your walls to bow and bulge, and eventually crack. This can cause extensive damage to the structure of your home and make it unsafe. 


How to Repair Foundation Wall Cracks

Depending on the specific problem your home is facing, there are several different options for foundation wall repair. Our foundation experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems can help you find the right solution for your home to restore its strength and stability. 


Foundation Piers

Foundation piers are a very common solution to address most foundation problems. If your home is settling, they can be installed deep into the ground to stabilize your foundation and potentially lift it back into place. There are two different types of piers: push piers and helical piers. Both piers are installed deep down into the ground to reach load-bearing soil in order to support the weight of your foundation. Our foundation specialist will help you determine which type of pier is best to use based on your soil conditions. 

Wall Anchors

If your foundation walls are bowing or buckling from pressure put on them by expanding soils, wall anchors are a great way to stabilize your walls and restore your home’s structural stability. The anchors are installed deep into the soils behind your walls and are able to straighten the walls back into place. 


Temporary Wall Crack Solutions are Ineffective

When it comes to foundation issues, these are very serious problems that require serious repair. Many foundation repair companies may try to recommend some cheap solutions that will not fix the problem. The recommendations are usually to seal the cracks, paint over them, or tuckpointing the cracks. These methods do not solve the ultimate problem: your foundation settlement. In order to permanently fix the wall cracks, you must fix the foundation settlement.  

Geo Lock
Outside Wall Crack
Interior Wall Gap
Exterior Brick Gap
Interior Vent Gap
Exterior Window Sticking
Exterior Door Crack
Tilting Chimney

Other Symptoms of Foundation Failure 

While wall cracks are typically the most common sign of foundation failure, there are many other symptoms to look out for. 

Other common signs of foundation problems include uneven or sagging floors, sticking doors and windows, floor cracks, or bowing walls. If you have a crawl space, you may notice the ceiling of the crawl space start to sag, which can also result in sinking floors inside your home. 


Do you have cracks in the drywall on the inside of your home but no cracks on the foundation wall?

Your problem may be a sagging crawl space, and not the settlement of your foundation walls. Alternatively, your floor could be sinking down or experiencing upheaval.

Rely on MidAmerica for Wall Crack Repair

Our foundation experts at MidAmerica know how to diagnose the problem and find the best possible solution for your home. We gladly offer free inspections to our customers throughout Illinois and Iowa, including Cedar Rapids, Peoria, Waterloo, Davenport, and surrounding areas such as Iowa City, Dubuque, Rock Island, Clinton, Moline, East Peoria, and many areas nearby. Contact us to schedule your free estimate today! 

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