What Causes Crawl Space Problems

What Causes Crawl Space Problems

What Are the Causes of Crawl Space Problems?

Based on the way they’re designed, crawl spaces are prone to many different issues. Issues can relate to structural damage as well as water damage. Crawl spaces are typically very small spaces with very little air circulation, making them difficult to maintain.

Crawl spaces are easily susceptible to water damage. Water can enter a crawl space through the vents and cause extensive damage. During heavy rains, the space can fill with water and become flooded. Other than flood damage, water in your crawl space can also cause humidity and condensation to build up, leading to musty smells and structural damage.

When water in your crawl space creates musty smells, unfortunately it impacts more than just your crawl space. The stack effect allows the air to rise up through the floorboards of your home and infiltrate your main living areas, causing the musty odors to spread through your home.

As excess water sits on the floor joists in your crawl space, it can cause them to become weak and unsupportive to the weight above them. The weaker they become, the more they cause the floors inside your home to sag.

Other than sagging floors, this puts massive amounts of stress on the structure of your home and can cause other issues from the weakened floor joists. In order to prevent structural problems from occurring, the source of the water in your crawl space must be eliminated in order to keep it dry and healthy.

MidAmerica Basement Systems can fix your crawl space to help you avoid these damaging problems. No matter what the issues might be, our team can diagnose the issue and recommend a proper solution to fix it. We have helped homeowners protect their homes for nearly 30 years. Our drainage systems protect your home from extensive water damage. Contact us today for your free quote!


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