Bugs In Crawl Space

Bugs In Crawl Space

Bugs in Your Crawl Space? It Could Be From Crawl Space Moisture Damage

Crawl spaces are natural dark, damp places, which makes them very attractive to bugs. Bugs love to live in these dark and damp places and thrive where there is extra moisture and darkness. An unfinished crawl space is the perfect breeding ground for insects to live.

Pests need the moisture of an unfinished crawl for the year-round warmth, the free amount of wet, rotting wood to eat, and the protection from larger predators that are not able to get into the crawl space.

In Davenport, crawl space moisture damage only increases this problem. If your crawl space experiences any water damage, it can increase the number of bugs and pests in your crawl space. Water can enter your crawl space through cracks in your foundation walls, through crawl space vents, or through any other opening in your crawl space. Once it enters, it creates a humid environment and becomes very attractive to bugs.

While bug traps and other insect control and bug-removal methods may temporarily fix the problem, the only way to completely rid your crawl space of bugs is to make it completely dry. If waterproofing systems are not put into place, your crawl space will continue to be moist and humid and will continue to attract bugs.

Encapsulating and closing the crawl space off will turn it into a completely dry and healthy space, making it undesirable to bugs. Along with encapsulation, installing a dehumidifier will keep the air constantly dry to completely eliminate any chance of moisture coming into your crawl space.

MidAmerica Basement Systems has helped homeowners protect their crawl spaces from bug infestation for over 30 years. Our Davenport crawl space moisture remediation products will keep your crawl space clean and dry to help you avoid any problems. If you notice an increase in unwanted visitors, contact MidAmerica Basement Systems for your free quote!

Exposed ground in a crawlspace allows for radon gas to effortlessly enter the home.

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