Humidity Moisture

Humidity Moisture

Causes and Solutions of Crawl Space Humidity

Moisture and humidity can cause serious damage to your crawl space, and your home in general. When it comes to all the threats to your home’s safety and efficiency, uncontrolled moisture is one of the worst. This is why it’s critical to have the best crawl space waterproofing solutions in Davenport, to protect your family and your property!

How Damp, Humid Crawl Space Environments Affect Your Home

Crawl space humidity issues in Davenport are commonplace in this region, and moisture can build up over time if not addressed. As this space becomes more and more humid, you’ll see condensation on surfaces, which can eventually leach into wood, concrete, and other materials.

Many of the moisture damage we see with crawl spaces are related to flaws in the design of the space itself. Thankfully, MidAmerica Basement Systems offers the best crawl space repair and waterproofing in Davenport. Schedule your free service estimate today by calling 1-888-703-3555.


When moist air enters a vented crawl space, problems with condensation occur on the cool surfaces. This leads to possible crawl space humidity and moisture damage in your Davenport home.

How Crawl Space Humidity Begins

There are many different things that can cause your crawl space to become damp and humid, but our crew mainly see the “big 3” in homes in this area:

  • Water -  groundwater, rainwater, or plumbing leaks can cause water to pool in the crawl space with nowhere to go. This can seep into surfaces as well as evaporate into the air.
  • Air - air that flows into the crawl space vents from outside can raise the humidity levels.
  • Soil - uncovered soil can soak up water once it enters your crawl space, and release that moisture back into the air over time.

The Stack Effect

Your home naturally expands and contracts based on temperature and humidity, and warm air rises, exiting through your attic or top floor. This creates a vacuum in the lower floors/crawl space. Air from the outside is pulled in to fill that space—known as the “stack effect.” If your crawl space has vents, this space becomes part of the overall air movement in your home. In essence, if the outside air is humid or wet, and your Davenport crawl space is not waterproofed, pulling in moisture can damage your home.


What Crawl Space Humidity Does To Your Home

Uncontrolled humidity can lead to a whole host of extensive, costly problems:

  • Mold and mildew growth, which can cause decay of wood and drywall, release hazardous mold spores into the air, and create musty odors.
  • As your crawl space structure begin to rot, your floors can sag or crack, or even cave in.
  • Many pests love moldy, rotting wood, and decide to move in. The same goes for pest wildlife animals looking for a place to live.
  • Higher energy bills. Humid air is harder to cool than dry air in the summer, and freezing drafts in the winter are tough, too.

Controlling Crawl Space Humidity

Here at MidAmerica Basement Systems, our team of friendly, experienced contractors can help you take control of your Davenport home’s humidity with a moisture control system. We can clean up, seal, and dehumidify the moisture damage of your Davenport crawl space in less than a day. Give us a call at 1-888-703-3555 to schedule your free inspection and estimate!

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