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Concrete Repair in Peru, IL

This homeowner was tired of having to deal with the tripping hazards caused by uneven concrete around their home. Both the driveway and front patio had some significant cracks along with settling. With the use of PolyLevel, we were able to lift and level the concrete eliminating all trip hazards. The best part: PolyLevel only takes 15 minutes to cure!

Foundation Lifted in East Moline, IL

This East Moline homeowner was facing foundation settlement so significantly that you could see right through the crack into the garage. With the use of Helical Piers our crews were able to completely lift and re-stabilize the foundation.

Tripping Hazard Repaired in Davenport

This Davenport home's sidewalk was starting to settle over the years. The customers had previously had us repair the concrete around their pool and were thrilled with the results so decided to have us come out and take a look. With the use of PolyLevel we were able to bring the sidewalk back up to it's original position and eliminate both the eye sore and the tripping hazard.

PolyLevel in Cedar Rapids, IA

This driveway had definitely seen better days. The extend of the damage made the driveway nearly unusable and the homeowner was shocked to discover that it could be repaired rather than replaced. Repair is a fraction of the cost of replacement and is much less disruptive. Our crews got this project completed within 1 day and the driveway was back in service just 15 minutes after their departure. If you have concrete in despair, PolyLevel is the perfect cost effective and long lasting option!

WaterGuard Guarding Damp Basement in Abingdon, IL

Homeowner, Leah in Abingdon, IL was experiencing water in her basement. It was a continuing issue that she knew she could no longer just put the issue to the side, she needed professional help! She contacted the local experts in her area, MidAmerica Basement Systems. Design Specialist, Troy was able to give her the best recommendation for her home possible.

Installer, Dillion was able to come out to Leah's home to install it. WaterGuard was one of the systems installed within Leah's home. It is a great waterproofing system that will permanently solve wet basement problems. WaterGuard intercepts the incoming water around the perimeter of the basement walls and carries it unseen, away to the TripleSafe Sump Pump, keeping Leah's home dry and water free! 

If you too are having issues with water coming into your basement, do not hesitate to reach out to MidAmerica Basement Systems! We would be happy to help you! 


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