Uneven Floors

Uneven Floors

Fix Your Uneven Floors with Foundation Repair 

If you notice uneven floors inside your home, this is a telltale sign of foundation settlement issues. As your foundation settles into the ground, it can cause many different issues inside your home and start to disrupt your daily life. Installing a foundation repair product will help keep your home stable and will even out your interior sagging floors.     

Don’t live with uneven floors any longer! Our experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems can install foundation repair products to fix your uneven floors and improve your home’s structural stability. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate. 


This wood floor in a Galesburg home is sinking by 1/2". It's located over a crawl space.

Sinking floors can lead to a variety of other issues, including jamming doors and drywall cracks.

In addition, uneven floors over crawl spaces are often accompanied by serious mold problems.

Signs of Uneven Floors 

There are other signs to look out for other than uneven or sagging floors. If the floors in your home are unlevel, it can lead to other problems that you’ll need to keep an eye out for:

  • Sinking or heaving concrete slabs
  • A floor that sags toward the center of the house
  • Interior doors jamming
  • Floor cracks
  • Mold & rot in the crawl space

How to Fix Your Uneven Floors 

To determine the right repair method for your home, we’ll first need to see if you have a crawl space or not. If your home sits on a crawl space, we can install crawl space support posts to lift your sagging floors back into place for permanent support. If you do not have a crawl space, we will inspect your foundation and recommend a repair product to stabilize your foundation and fix your interior uneven floors. 


Free Estimate from MidAmerica Basement Systems

No matter what type of problems your home is facing, our experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems will provide a free estimate to go over all of your options. You’ll meet with a representative one-on-one and will get all your questions answered. Contact us today to schedule yours!

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