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Concrete Lifting

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Concrete lifting is a quick and easy solution to lift your sunken concrete slabs back into place. If your slabs are still intact and not broken, lifting the sunken concrete is often your best solution. If your concrete slabs are broken beyond repair, a complete replacement may be necessary.

When concrete slabs are first poured, the soils underneath those slabs are typically not the native soils. In areas of new construction, the native soils are often relocated and replaced by fill soil. The fill soil is not nearly as supportive as the native soil and can have difficulty supporting the weight of the concrete slab.

As it rains, the fill soil becomes saturated with water and expands. On the contrary, the soils shrink during dry weather conditions and create voids in the soil. These changing weather conditions cause the soils to shift and lose their support, causing the concrete slab to sink.

When slabs sink, dangerous tripping hazards and channels for water can cause the slabs to break. This can occur on your sidewalk, driveway, or patio. If any of these areas experience sunken concrete, we can lift the slabs back into place to create a safe, even surface and restore your home’s value.

The best way to know if your concrete slabs can be lifted back into place is to have a free, no obligation estimate from a MidAmerica Basement Systems Design Specialist.



MidAmerica Basement Systems offers solutions to lift your concrete slabs and create a safe, even surface. Restore your home’s value and keep your family safe from tripping hazards by lifting your concrete back into place. If you notice signs of sunken concrete, we can inspect your concrete and provide a recommendation for a solution. Contact us today for your free quote!

Before the sidewalk is leveled with the foam.

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