Sharla and Nic were having issues with their doors and windows sticking in their home. Opening and closing the doors was becoming a hassle, especially for the front door. They contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems to have their foundation inspected. It was addressed that the ground under the home had settled, causing a shift is the foundation. 


A push pier system was offered to be installed to stabilize the foundation and potentially lift the home back to level. Each pier is placed against the foundation’s footing, and drilled deep into a stable bedrock to permanently stabilize the foundation, preventing the home from settling even more. The push pier system is hydraulically drilled into the ground, which can potentially allow for the home to be lifted, making the doors and windows easier to open and close.

Crewmen begin to excavate the ground from around the foundation, exposing the home's footing.
Push piers are hydraulically driven into stable bedrock to provide permanent stabilization for the home.
Each push pier is stabilized and placed tightly against the home, ready to attempt lifting the house.
Successful stabilizing and lifting has made accessing the front door much simpler for the homeowners.