New foundation elements were needed to shore up the existing United Fire Group (UFG) building in downtown Cedar Rapids. The existing foundation for the UFG building had to be remolded for two reasons. Namely, the addition of a garage door below grade that will require additional foundation shoring and new construction in the adjacent property that will potentially disturb the soil that is currently supporting the existing UFG building that is being remolded.


8 HP350 HP350LS5H80-3850-G 8” – 10” Helical Piers with HP350BS30A-G Retrofit brackets with 30” sleeves were used to shore up the existing foundation to support a design load of 40 kips per pile.

The base of the foundation was exposed as part of the excavation for the new construction. Piles were installed to spin off against hard rock at a depth of approximately 25 feet. Brackets were then installed underneath the foundation and pre-loaded to a load of 1,000 lbs.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: James Palagi

Project Engineer: Clayton Bachelor

Foundation Support: Helical Pier System

Dirt is excavated around the foundation for installation of Helical Piers. This allows for the system to properly lift structure.
Load calculations are determined for placement of Helical Piers. Crewmen help align piers for proper stability.
All Helical Piles are in place, ready to support the new weight being added to the building.
Crewmen make precise measurements and cuts to ensure the Helical Piers can handle heavier loads.
Brackets are in place and ready to handle larger loads. Remodel for the building can continue for the UFG.