Bettendorf homeowner, Sherry, began losing sleep when she discovered water seeping into her basement as well as tree roots compromising the integrity of her foundation walls. Upset and tired, Sherry decided to trust the project to the professionals at MidAmerica Basement Systems. The team sent Design Specialist, David “Mac” McDaniel, to fully inspect the property and provide Sherry with a clear understanding of what services she will need to rid the basement of the issues once and for all. 


Mike Clementz was the Foreman on site. The team began to waterproof the basement by installing a CleanSpace vapor barrier system to the basement walls which will help direct any moisture into the drainage system. CleanSpace also has an antimicrobial additive that resists mold growth, ideal for damp spaces like basements. The team installed WaterGuard subfloor drainage system to not only drain wall leaks, but also ground water seepage. WaterGuard is unique in that is installed above the foundation footing which helps prevent common clogs. A TripleSafe sump pump is deemed sump pump royalty as it is exceptional at keeping the basement dry. The TripleSafe system comes with specialized features including an airtight lid and back-up battery pump that activates during instances of a power outage. The team then addressed the issue of the foundation walls by permanently stabilizing them with the PowerBrace system. PowerBrace is a zinc-coated patented I-Beam system that has the unique ability to potentially straighten a walls position over time. Sherry can finally sleep easy knowing she has a basement protected with patented products back by a lifetime warranty!

Water damage is evident where the walls meet the foundation floor and down the corner of the basement.
TripleSafe installation is nearly complete, and once it's up and running Sherry will have the best sump pump working in her basement.
CleanSpace further waterproofs the basement walls while also providing a cleaner, brighter basement.
CleanSpace and WaterGuard work harmoniously together to drain walls leaks to the TripleSafe sump pump.
Once the project is complete, Sherry has dry, bright and stable basement!