60 yr old Basement Waterproofed in Milan, IL

This basement in Milan has belonged to the owner for 60 plus years. The homeowner remembers struggling with a wet basement since the very beginning. The MidAmerica Basement Systems Team was called to alleviate the frustration that this troublesome basement has caused for so many years. The Team sent out an expert, Michael banks, to assess the possibilities and address the issue once and for all. Michael presented a plan after inspecting the basement. The homeowner was quoted the same day and the MidAmerica experts dove right into the project. TripleSafe sump pump was installed to keep this space dry all the time with 3 in 1 pumps, a WaterWatch alarm and more. The TrenchDrains installed in the basement entrances connect to the WaterGuard perimeter drainage system designed to carry wall leaks to the TripleSafe sump pump. To further waterproof the basement, the team installed CleanSpace liners on the walls. The bright color of the liners elevate the space while the thick, durable and mold resistant materials help to keep the space dry.

The end result? A relieved homeowner and waterproofed basement.