Stabilizing Walls and Waterproofing Basement in Galva, IL

Todd was beginning to notice water seeping in from his basement floor and the wall paneling had begun to pull away from the wall. During his inspection, it was noted that the wall was beginning to bow, causing the paneling to pull away from the wall. To fix the bowing wall and water issue, it was offered that he have a CarbonArmor and waterproofing system installed. CarbonArmor is Fiber Reinforced Polymer strips that adhere to bowing walls, offering a permanent solution to stop worsening and stabilize the wall. A TripleSafe and WaterGuard systems were installed to prevent a leaking basement. The WaterGuard was installed around the perimeter of the basement to collect and redirect the water to the TripleSafe to be properly discharged out of the home. Now Todd has a stable and waterproofed basement.