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MidAmerica Basement Systems Case Studies: Home Built in 1894 Needs Crawlspace Encapsulation in Streator, IL

Thursday, August 11th, 2016 by Jadyn Derr


When Jeff W. of Streator, IL called MidAmerica Basement Systems, he was concerned about water leaking into his basement. One third of his basement is a vast, but short crawlspace. The house was built in 1894, and at 120 years old, there was no telling what might be hiding in the dark crawlspace. Debris and black dirt filled the space. The crawlspace was only 24 inches high in some places, but was 4 feet tall in another location - a suspected "Michigan basement," a term used to describe a "dug out" basement with dirt walls and a shallow depth. With water coming in at all angles, Jeff W. decided to act.


Design specialist Dan Garner met Jeff in his home to design the customized solution to his problem. The bottom line came down to one simple truth: to keep water, insects, rodents and the "crawlspace smell" out of Jeff's home, he would need to have his crawlspace encapsulated. 

Foreman Justin Reger and his team were assigned to the task of saving the crawlspace from further damage. First, the team was in charge of debris removal. Then, the laid CleanSpace Drainage Matting, to allow any water that gets in below the encapsulation system to drain. Then, the team installed CleanSpace, the premium crawlspace encapsulation product. The CleanSpace encapsulates the floors and walls of the crawlspace. The material is as thick as a pool liner, and brightens up any crawlspace. It also protects the interior from bugs, rodents, vapors, and unpleasant scents. Following the CleanSpace installation, a Smart Drain is installed so if any water does get in, it can drain through the Smart Drain. Now, the crawlspace is in much better shape. Jeff W. is very pleased!

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