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MidAmerica Basement Systems Case Studies: Peoria, IL Crawl Space Encapsulation Project

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 by Jadyn Derr


Tom and Jacqueline H. were tired of walking on cold floors above their drafty crawlspace. Additionally, they were concerned about the musty smells from the crawlspace. Finally, they knew their energy bill would benefit from an encapsulated crawlspace, so they got in contact with design specialist, Dan Garner at MidAmerica Basement Systems, the local experts in All Things Basementy. 


When Tom and Jacqueline met with Dan, he conducted a thorough inspection inside and outside the home. Afterward, Dan explained how Tom and Jacqueline could accomplish their goals of warmer floors, a lower energy bill, and protection from odors by encapsulating their crawlspace with CleanSpace and SilverGlo.

Foreman Justin Reger and his team installed the CleanSpace and SilverGlo project. First, the team installed CleanSpace Drainage Matting to ensure water drains properly in the crawlspace. Then, SilverGlo was installed. SilverGlo is a thermal insulation product made of unique thermal, radiant heat-barrier materials. It brings crawlspaces up to the national energy code, and helps to keep the floors warmer above the crawlspace, and help lower the energy bill because heat is trapped inside, and isn't being lost to the cold winter air. Finally, the CleanSpace Vapor Barrier encapsulates the space, keeping the odors out, and keeping the crawlspace dry and warm. Tom and Jacqueline are much happier with their energy-efficient crawlspace!

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