Kate was having issues with mold growing in all areas of her basement, but was not sure why. After an inspection with MidAmerica Basement Systems, Joe had explained that the mold was coming from the improper drainage of ground water that was entering her basement. The moisture was causing the mold to excessively grow, making the basement an unsafe area to breathe.


It was suggested that Mold X be applied to all areas of the basement, and have a proper waterproofing system installed. CleanSpace and WaterGuard were placed along the walls and perimeter of the floor. CleanSpace helps prevent moisture from entering the basement, preventing further mold growth. While WaterGuard collects any ground water the enters, to direct it to the TripleSafe. The TripleSafe properly discharges the water back out of the home. A SaniDry Sedona was installed to keep humidity levels down, working with the rest of the waterproofing systems to have a completely dry basement, preventing mold from growing in the future.

Project Summary

Waterproofing Products: Mold X, CleanSpace, WaterGuard, TripleSafe, & SaniDry Sedona

Design Specialist: Joe Sarb

Project Engineer: Dillon Heard

Mold is treated with Mold X, helping eliminate the future mold growth.
After mold treatment, CleanSpace and WaterGuard are installed (along with a TripleSafe and SaniDry Sedona) to keep the basement dry and humidity levels down.