Roger and Bonnie wanted to finish their basement, but they had major concerns with water leaks and radon levels. Finishing the basement would be a waste of money if they didn’t have it waterproofed, but they also didn’t like the fact that the air quality in their home was so poor. They knew that if they were going to put the time and money into fixing their basement, they were not taking any shortcuts and reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems.


Systems design specialist, Wes offered an “all things basementy” solution that addressed every issue and concern that Roger and Bonnie had. To address the leaking basement, a waterproofing system that included TripleSafe sumps, WaterGuard, and CleanSpace Liner. Installing CleanSpace Liner along the foundation walls provides a vapor barrier from the damp concrete foundation, reducing the moisture levels in the basement. A full perimeter drainage system was installed, WaterGuard, to collect the seeping water from the walls and floors, redirecting the water to the TripleSafe sumps. Both TripleSafes also provided a battery back-up system to keep the basement dry during power outages.

To increase the air quality of Roger and Bonnie’s home, a radon mitigation system was installed. Connecting the system to the new sump pump, it effectively pulls the radon gas out from under the home, and back outside. As for finishing the basement, Wes also offered a system that is waterproof to prevent any future water damages that may come. Instead of installing drywall in a basement, EverLast Wall Panels were offered. EverLast Wall Panels are made of high-density closed cell foam insulation that prevents the panels from absorbing water and becoming damaged. The durable vinyl finish gives the walls a finished look as well. Now Roger and Bonnie have a finished, waterproofed basement with better air quality.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Wes Glasgow

Waterproofing & Total Basement Finishing Specialist: Mike Clementz

Radon Mitigation Specialist: Bill Wilcox

Water damage has worried the homeowners, preventing them from finishing their basement.
WaterGuard and TripleSafe sumps are installed to keep water from surfacing.
A radon mitigation system increases the air quality of the home.
After CleanSpace is installed, EverLast Wall Panels give a finished looked.