Nancy K. noticed cracks all over her basement floor so she called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems. The horizontal cracks could have been misdiagnosed as settlement issues, but Sales Manager Erik Tatge knew better. "It is likely that the cracking is due to adding excessive water to the concrete mix before pouring the floor followed by quick drying of the concrete from excessive heat or chemical agents to accelerate the drying process," Erik told Nancy K, before offering the solution to her disconcerting basement issues.


Sales Manager Erik Tatge told Nancy that MidAmerica Basement Systems' Concrete Protection System would help. "It is our opinion that this damage can be repaired by sealing the floor cracks larger than 1/16” with a silicon based concrete sealer to help prevent any soil, insects, and water from coming up through them," Erik said. "The silicon product will remain elastic as the temperature changes in the concrete causing the concrete to shrink and expand."

Soon, foreman Levi Freund and his team were ready to take on the task of repairing the basement floors. The Concrete Protection System includes patented products PolyLEVEL and NexusPro Crack Sealant. The finished work produced beautiful results; something both the crew and the homeowner can be proud of. With the five year warranty, and a job well done, homeowner Nancy K. can only be described as very happy!

When the crew arrived to see what the were up against, they measured the width of the crack with a nickel and a quarter. Wow!
Comparing the cracks alongside a pen shows the width of the cracks, and gives perspective on how far the cracks stretched.
With temperature sensitive NexusPro Crack Sealant, the joint is protected from all elements.
From a distance, it's hard to tell the cracks are even there.
The worry-free sealant and PolyLEVEL lift gives the basement floor a whole new life.