Matt and Nicole C. are the homeowners of this basement in Davenport. The couple are repeat customers of MidAmerica Basement Systems and so when the couple needed help with stabilizing basement walls, they knew who to call. The team sent the same Design Specialist, Dan Garner, to pay the couple a visit and inspect the condition of the walls. Dan explained a permanent solution that will permanently stabilize the walls and potentially improve the condition over time. Matt and Nicole were happy to put their basement needs in the hands of MidAmerica Basement Systems.


Mike Clementz was the Foreman in charge of the project. The team installed the PowerBrace stabilizing system. Unlike other I-Beam systems, Powerbrace has a tightening feature that can eventually straighten the wall. Another feature that makes PowerBrace superior to other I-Beam systems, is the zinc coating that resists erosion and rust. Nicole and Matt are happy to have both a dry and safe basement! 

The team begins installation by installing the footing of the beams into the foundation floor.
A side view of the PowerBrace system. Bowing is evident.
Zinc coated PowerBrace I-Beam stabilizes and has a polished look.
Customizing the top part of this PowerBrace I-Beam to ensure a strong hold.