Jenn has an older block foundation that would leak. It never bothered her since the only thing that she had in her basement was her laundry facility. One day while she was doing her laundry, she noticed a black residue on the walls. Upon investigation, she realized that the residue was mold and her concern for her leaking basement became more of a problem to her.


Jenn contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems to have her leaking basement addressed. It was suggested that she have CleanSpace liner installed to prevent moisture from entering her basement. CleanSpace also has an additive antimicrobial material that prevents mold growth, while giving the basement a clean and healthy look. WaterGuard was placed around the perimeter of the basement to collect any moisture or water that seeps in from the wall, preventing it from surfacing. With the help of the WaterGuard drainage system, all water is directed to the SuperSump. The SuperSump discharges any and all water back out of the basement, keeping the basement dry. Jenn now has a laundry room that is safe to breathe, and damp-free!

Project Summary

Waterproofing Products: CleanSpace, WaterGuard, & SuperSump

Leaking foundation has allowed for mold to grow.
CleanSpace is applied to the walls, sealing off moisture and preventing further mold growth.
CleanSpace and WaterGuard work together to keep moisture out of the environment.
SuperSump discharges all water and moisture out of the basement.
New waterproofing system keeps the basement dry and clean.