Don and Carolyn M. of Gilson, IL live in a home that is 125 years old. Over the years, each family seemed to add a little bit more to the house. Parts of the house are 125 years old, whereas other parts have been added within the last few years. Water was coming in through walls and floors in the basement. The most original part of the basement was extra damp as it had dirt and brick as the floor. Don and Carolyn decided to call MidAmerica Basement Systems.


After calling MidAmerica Basement Systems, Don and Carolyn met with design specialist Fred Romane. Fred investigated the space, and designed a custom solution. The part of the basement with the dirt and brick floor would be treated like crawlspace, and would be fully encapsulated. the walls would be coated in a thick covering to keep water out and boost energy efficiency. The sub-floor drainage system would surround the interior. The two new sump pumps would both have buried discharge lines with snow protection.

Mike Clementz and his team came out to the property to install the new system. The "crawlspace" area was encapsulated with CleanSpace and CleanSpace Drainage Matting. CleanSpace is a product as thick as a pool liner that acts as vapor barrier, trapping odor, vapors, insects and water so they cannot enter the space. CleanSpace was also used on the walls to protect them and the interior from water intrusions. Additionally, full perimeter WaterGuard, the patented sub-floor drainage system was installed, draining into the new SuperSump. Both the new sump pumps had an IceGuard piece attached to the discharge line, so if it ever freezes, water can still get out, exiting above potential snow and ice. Don and Carol are very happy with their newly waterproofed basement. It looks great, and it offers Don and Carolyn peace of mind. 

Before any work is done.
Water damage in the home
CleanSpace Wall with the CleanSpace encapsulation in the left room.
CleanSpace encapsulation in dirt floor basement.