The very talented comedy troupe located in The District of Rock Island, have been proudly providing families and groups a fun filled time full of laughs since 1990. However, the condition of the basement left a lot to be desired. The building is older and so has years of repeat water intrusion and damage. Signs of water seeping through the pourous walls, different entryways, and where the walls meet the floors were evident. The basement has various twists and turns, levels and obstacles that would require some creative thinking. The old sump pump was rusted with years and years of corrosion. Also, the sump pump was not in an ideal location, so a solution was needed to ensure that any water intrusion would be directed to the new sump pump to be carried out of the space. 


The team installed WaterGuard around the perimeter to drain wall leaks to the local sump pump. WaterGuard sits on top of the foundation footing, preventing clogging that afflicts other common drainage systems. The local sump pump is the SuperSump. SuperSump is equipped with a zoeller cast iron pump, CleanPump Stand, an air tight, an air tight drain and WaterWatch alarms system that will sound off when water rises in the system i.e. the space. The old sump pump is a wildly ineffective system compared to the patented SuperSump.To provide extra waterproofing to the space, the team installed CleanSpace liners. CleanSpace can be fitted snuggly against obstruction and rough surfaces such as old brick. The CleanSpace is 20 mil thick inorganic material made with 7 layers of varying plastic material and a polyester criss cross chord in the layer, making the CleanSpace strong, durable and long lasting. CleanSpace also has an antimicrobial material that fights mold growth. The team also relieved some of the hydrostatic pressure against the foundation floors by constructing laterals that help drain rising ground water to the SuperSump.

The talented comedy troupe located in The District of Rock Island have been making families and groups laugh for over 2 decades, however the condition of the buildings basement is nothing to laugh at.
The flooring of this basement has seen it's share of water intrusion as can be observed by the water marks.
This old, decrepit sump pump has become useless in effectively keeping water out this basement.
Perimeter being prepped for WaterGuard installation. Unlike other french drains or drainage system, WaterGuard is installed to the top of the foundation footing. This prevents clogging and is less invasive than other perimeter drainage systems.
Prepping for WaterGuard continued with the area where the TrenchDrain will be installed being prepped as well. The TrenchDrain will be installed in the space between the doorway.
Laterals are systems that are constructed to relieve hydrostatic pressure that is pushing against the foundation floor. The laterals are constructed to drain rising ground water to the local SuperSump pump.
CleanSpace is a thick, durable, strong material that can be fitted over rough surfaces such as old brick. The CleanSpace is tucked into the WaterGuard helping to direct wall leaks to the drainage system and then to the SuperSump.
The liner itself has an additive that fights mold growth, and also acts as a vapor barrier helping to further waterproof the space.
The experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems are professionally trained and so can manipulate certain products to ensure there are no gaps in the perimeter drainage system. This picture is a great example of the challenges the experts encounter and rise above.
Another odd twist that required the specially trained experts to some manipulation to ensure that the perimeter was secured with WaterGuard.
The TrenchDrain is also great to direct water coming from the stairway to the WaterGuard drainage system.
Once the WaterGuard and TrenchDrain are secured, the team pours concrete to hold the system in place.
TrenchDrain connects seamlessly to the Lateral so that water being directed through the WaterGuard system will flow through the Lateral and drained into the SuperSump sump pump.
The SuperSump is a patented sump pumping system comes equipped with air tight lid and air tight drain that allows water to go down but does not allow water vapor to rise, CleanPump stand that keeps the system above debris, and the WaterWatch alarm system that activates when water is rising in the system.