This home in Wataga is owned by Alan and Bea H. The homeowners’ were ready to make some changes in their home, starting with their damp, drafty and dark basement. The couple found the professionals at MidAmerica Basement Systems and spoke to Appointment Center Representative, Jennifer Abel. Alan and Bea explained to Jennifer that they were experiencing repeated water intrusion in their basement. The team sent Design Specialist, Dan Garner, to the home to provide Alan and Bea a thorough inspection and free estimate. Along with waterproofing the home, the couple also wanted to use their basement as an extra living space, so they would need other patented products to make it both comfortable and inviting. The homeowners also noticed that one of their basement walls were in need of stabilizing. Dan gave the couple his professional advice on what permanent solutions would work best for their home. 


The team installed wall anchors to permanently stabilize the foundation walls. Wall anchors also have the potential to straighten the wall over time. The low-profile of the anchors makes finishing the basement walls easier. To brighten the basement and make it safer, the project included installing new egress windows and a StakWEL window system. StakWEL is ideal for basements that are being used as extra living spaces since they provide lots of natural light and a means of escape in case of emergency. The project was led by Foreman, Mike Keck.  The project to waterproof the basement was led Foreman, Mike Clementz. The team waterproofed the perimeter by installing WaterGuard. WaterGuard will drain wall leaks and rising ground water away from the foundation floor and to the newly installed, 3 in 1 TripleSafe sump pump. To keep the air fresh and keep humidity levels low, a SaniDry XP was installed. To provide extra light, the team also installed new EverLast window with sun houses. To insulate the space, the team installed Basement To Beautiful panels. Basement To Beautiful panels are infused with SilverGlo foam panels that are the superior choice for a dry, energy efficient basement. Now the homeowners have a dry, safe, healthy, warm and bright basement that is prepared for finishing!

Wall anchors permanently stabilize while maintaining a low-profile which allows for future wall finishing!
StakeWEL provides a more inviting space by allowing for lots of natural light!
StakWEL also provide an extra exit in case of a fire or other emergency!
Basement To Beautiful Basement Wall Panels are the superior choice for a dry, energy-efficient basement!