Robert S. of Letts, IA was referred to MidAmerica Basement Systems by his friend who had work done before. Robert had water coming in through three different corners of the basement at the floor and wall joints. Robert's damp basement rendered the space unusable. 


Robert's friend recommended that Robert meet with design specialist, Joe Sarb. Joe met with Robert at his home, and investigated the basement and foundation walls. Then, Joe sat down and talked with Robert about what it would take to make his basement dry again. Joe recommended that Robert have full perimeter WaterGuard installed, with a TripleSafe and SuperSump Sump Pump systems. Due to where the water was coming in, Joe also recommended having sub-floor lateral drainage systems installed. Additionally, Joe recommended having CleanSpace Wall installed in areas where water was coming in through the wall.

Foreman Justin Bailey and his crew got to work. They installed patented WaterGaurd, and the TripleSafe Sump Pump. The laterals and SuperSump Sump Pump were also installed in ground, and the CleanSpace was secured so any water that may try to come in the foundation would drain into the WaterGuard System. They also installed a SaniDry Dehumidifier to control humidity in the whole home, improving the health of the home. The basement looks great, and is finally usable again. 

Before: No work has been done, and the brick foundation is exposed.
CleanSpace wraps the brick, protecting the interior from water intrusion. WaterGuard is installed.
TripleSafe Sump Pump is installed.
CleanSpace wraps the walls, and lateral drainage systems empty into SuperSump Sump Pump.
SuperSump Sump Pump and SaniDry dehumidifier are pictured here.
The space is finally usable and dry.