Sandy was looking to sell her home, but knew there was a water issue in the basement. She wasn’t going to fix the issue, she didn’t see the need to spend the money towards the home if she was no longer going to be living there. Many people looked and had interest in the home, but all turned away due to the water issue. Heavy rains came and caused major issues in the basement. Water began seeping in from all cracks and joints on the floor. There was no way that she was going to sell the home now.


Interested homebuyer, Ethan mentioned to Sandy that if she had the basement water proofed that he would buy the home. He suggested that MidAmerica Basement Systems have free estimates so Sandy has an idea of what it would cost to have the basement waterproofed. Design specialist Mac, inspected the basement, addressing all the leaking areas. WaterGuard and LateralDrains were offered to be installed, so any seeping water would be collected and redirected to a sump pump. A TripleSafe sump was then proposed to appropriately accommodate the large amounts of water that entered the area. A SaniDry Sedona was also suggested for the basement so the humidity and moisture levels were properly dealt with, helping prevent future mold growth. Ethan is now a happy homeowner that has a complete basement waterproofing system in his new home.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Mac McDaniel

Project Foreman: Dillon Heard

Basement Waterproofing: WaterGuard, LateralDrains, TripleSafe, & SaniDry Sedona

Leaking basement has left the home unsellable for the current homeowner.
Mold and mildew has taken over areas of the basement due to high levels of moisture and improper disposal of water.
WaterGuard was installed along the perimeter of the basement to collect and redirect water.
LateralDrains were installed throughout the cracks in the floor, making sure all areas of the basement were properly covered.
A new TripleSafe system keeps water out of the basement, leaving the area dry for the new homeowner.