A home in Bettendorf, IA underwent a remodeling project in 1988 that included a 10’ x 20’ garage addition. The below-grade garage foundation was constructed with 9’ tall masonry block walls and approximately 8’ of backfill soil surrounded three sides of the structure. About 10 years after construction, the homeowners began to notice small horizontal cracks across the East wall of the garage. The horizontal cracks continued to worsen over a period of several years until the homeowners began to feel unsafe about the condition of the wall.


MidAmerica Basement Systems utilized the CarbonArmor™ Wall Reinforcing System to stabilize the wall and offer peace of mind to the homeowners. The repair was completed by installing (4) CarbonArmor™ straps along the 20’ wall to absorb the outside earth pressure and maintain the structural integrity of the wall. CarbonArmor™ was chosen as the best option for the repair due to the system’s low-profile and flexible design. The low-profile characteristic of the system allowed maximum space to be maintained in the garage while the flexible design allowed the straps to contour tight against the bowing wall. The entire wall stabilization project was completed in less than one day, and the homeowners were thrilled to be able to confidently utilize their garage space once again.

“After worrying about the structural damage to our garage wall for so many years, it is truly a relief to have it fixed. The installation crew was very knowledgeable and did a great job keeping the work area clean. I am thrilled with the results and excited that I can finally park my car in the garage without wondering if the wall would cave in on it!” -Homeowner

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: MidAmerica Basement Systems

Products Installed: (4) CarbonArmor™ Wall Reinforcing Straps

Surface prep is completed at four locations along the wall.
The carbon fiber strap is saturated with epoxy and applied to the wall.
CarbonArmor™ installation is complete and the work area is cleaned up.
The flexible, low-profile straps effectively reinforce the wall.