Joshua and his wife couldn’t have been more upset about their bowing wall situation. They had just purchased the home, and before they finalized everything, the had two different engineers inspect, and okayed the home. They were looking to refinish the basement, and torn down the sheetrock only to find that two walls had begun to bow. They reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have their bowing walls addressed properly.


Mike, design specialist, evaluated the situation and proposed the permanent solution of CarbonArmor. CarbonArmor is a uniquely flexible, carbon fiber strip infused with polymers. These strips are only 7 inches wide, with the strength 10 times stronger than steel. When installed against basement walls, an ArmorLock system is installed in the wooden floor joist system, to prevent any damage to the rest of the home. A thick epoxy is than applied to both the wall and the CarbonArmor for maximum hold. The deep penetration of the epoxy provides the strongest hold, and the CarbonArmor presently stabilizes the walls and stops them from worsening.

Project Summary

Bowing Wall Repair: CarbonArmor & ArmorLock

Design Specialist: Mike Banks

Project Foreman: Justin Kahl

After the sheetrock was removed, the foundation presented many cracks indicating bowing walls.
The walls a prepared so the CarbonArmor can be installed.
CarbonArmor permanently stabilized and stops the walls from worsening.