Diane’s room addition was having issues with sagging floors and called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems. During inspection is was noted that the room addition was built over an existing wooden deck, leaving the addition very unstable. The exposed ground under the area was causing moisture to soak into the wood, making the floor sag and weak.


Crewmen worked swiftly to install CleanSpace, encapsulating the whole crawlspace. CleanSpace is a thick liner that seals the ground off from the rest of the home. CleanSpace also has an antimicrobial additive in it to prevent mold growth. Due to the polyester cord reinforcement, making it heavy and durable, it becomes puncture and tear resistant. A SmartJack was installed to provide the proper support for the room addition. SmartJacks are made of galvanized steel, cut to precise height. After the jack is connected to the girder, the system is tightened into place, shifting the floor back to level and distributing the weight properly. Due to the improper insulation in the crawlspace, SilverGlo was placed around the walls. SilverGlo reflects heat, keeping the crawlspace warm to help reduce energy costs. Diane now has a crawlspace that is dry and stable so extend the life of her home’s addition.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Mike Clementz

Crawlspace Repair: CleanSpace

Foundation Repair: SmartJack

Untreated crawlspaces leave your home at risk. Moisture causes the wood floor systems to rot and weaken, and can even lead to mold.
CleanSpace provides a moisture barrier from the ground, while the SmartJack provides stability for the structure above. SilveGlo properly insulates the crawlspace, helping reduce energy costs.