Chad H. of Long Grove, IA was concerned about the water getting into his limestone crawlspace. Chad was also concerned about the aesthetic of the crawlspace, so he called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems to address his concerns. Chad also mentioned he was concerned about toxic, colorless, odorless, and tasteless radon gas. 


Chad met with design specialist Joe Sarb. Joe conducted an investigation of Chad's home, both inside and out. Joe and Chad discussed exactly what needed to happen to address the concerns. Joe recommended insulating the space with Terra Block, and Silver Glo. Terra Block offers 3/4 inch insulation, and offers moisture resistance. SilverGlo Insulation brings the crawlspace up to energy code, and has a heat barrier on both sides. Joe also recommended CleanSpace Drainage Matting and CleanSpace. CleanSpace also acts as a vapor barrier to keep the space dry, and keep water out of the basement.

Foreman Bill Wilcox and team insulated and encapsulated the crawlspace as described above, and also installed a radon mitigation system. The system that bill and his team installed included the Exterior Aesthetic Package, which makes the system non obtrusive on any home. The crawlspace, and mitigation system both look great and are doing their job to keep Chad's home insulated, and radon-free.

Before Bill and team performed any work, the crawlspace was pretty damp and unappealing.
Installing the SilverGlo Insulation with precision.
The crawlspace encapsulation is complete - and it looks so great!
The radon mitigation system is partially installed.
Upon completion of the radon mitigation installation, it looks great. It doesn't change the aesthetic appeal of the home.