A commercial architect, Shawn, in Dubuque, IA contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems to discuss waterproofing options for a property he owned. Shawn noticed water damage, but wasn't sure how the water was coming in. He met with design specialist Mac McDaniel.


When Mac, a MidAmerica Basement Systems system design specialist, arrived on site, he contuducted a thorough investigation inside and outside of the property. While Mac was there, he discovered the point of intrusion, and designed a solution that would keep the basement dry.

Mac suggested installing full perimeter, patented, sub-floor drainage system, WaterGuard. He also recommended installing CleanSpace Wall, a thick, bright, white corded vinyl material. The CleanSpace wall protects the interior from water intrusion, and is made of entirely inorganic material. A major benefit of inorganic material is the fact that mold cannot grow on it's surface. Finally, Mac recommended installing four TripleSafe Sump Pumps, due to the very large size of the basement. Each sump pump is equipped with three pumps; the main pump, a secondary pump, and a battery back up pump. The property is now guaranteed to be dry for a very long time. 

This wall is rife with evidence of water damage.
Water and moisture have been gathering on the walls.
One of the TripleSafe Sump Pumps is partially installed here.
It takes a team to install thick, resilient CleanSpace Wall.
The basement is protected with CleanSpace Wall.
CleanSpace Wall protects the interior of the basement.