An Ottawa church decided to test their building for toxic radon gas. They were shocked to find the radon in the building was more than 4 times higher than what is recommended as "safe" by the Environmental Protection Agency. To keep the community safe from the toxins, the church contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems for their free estimate. 


Design specialist Mac McDaniel met with Marvin from the church. They talked about what the church wanted to accomplish with the radon mitigation system, and then Mac conducted a thorough investigation of the property. Mac gave the church a written proposal. Because the space was so large, Mac advised that the church have five radon mitigation systems installed, each with dual penetration points. Mac recommended the Premium Radon Mitigation system with a moisture guard. 

Foreman Bill Wilcox and his crew installed the systems. Five Premium Radon Mitigation Systems, and more than 650 feet of PVC later, the church is safe from toxic radon gasses. 

Outside of the building before the mitigation system is installed.
The radon piping goes around the whole building, transporting the gases outside the structure.
Radon mitigation pipes go throughout the structure.
Radon mitigation system attaches to the outside of the building.
Non-obtrusive radon mitigation system.
One of five radon mitigation systems.