The homeowners from Bettendorf were displeased with the condition of their crawl space. They wanted to transform their decrepit, wet, drafty and smelly space into something functional so they called the professionals at MidAmerica Basement Systems and the team sent out a Design Specialist to provide an inspection and same day quote. The homeowners were pleased with the proposal and the project was underway. 


First, the team removed various debris from the space. The team resolved the issue of water intrusion by installing a SmartSump pump system which is specially designed for crawl spaces with a WaterWatch alarm system, reliable pump, and airtight lid with a floor drain. Before encapsulating the space with CleanSpace liner, the team laid a dimpled polyethylene membrane as drainage matting onto the crawl space floor to help water flow easily underneath the liners to a sump pump. The team then insulated the space by installing SilverGlo wall panels. The team waterproofed the crawl space by sealing the space with the antimicrobial infused CleanSpace liner made with a 7 ply material, making it long lasting and very durable. Now the homeowners have a crawl space that is waterproofed, won’t run up their utility bills and can be used for storage space!

This crawl space is dark, drafty, smelly and not functional a all!
The team takes care to cause minimal disturbance to the home by covering their work areas.
The SmartSump, drainage matting and the silver glow from the walls is none other than SilverGlo insulation panels.
CleanSpace liners encapsulate the space, finishing the project. Now the homeowners have a crawlspace that is dryer, brighter, cleaner and warmer!