Siobahn was wanting to finish her unused basement but had much doubt since the sump pump and drains that were already there, constantly overflowed. She couldn’t see putting money into something that would be ruined by a faulty pump and unreliable drains. She had had enough of the musty, moldy smell and reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have her sump replaced.


When design specialists Bryan and Joe arrived at Siobahn’s home, they not only inspected her basement to offer a waterproofing system, but also offered Total Basement Finishing products to finish her basement which she had intended on doing in the future. WaterGuard was installed along the perimeter of the basement to collect and redirect water to the existing sump pump and a new TripleSafe sump was added to help accommodate the amount of water that seeps in. LateralDrains were installed from the floor drains to the sumps to prevent future back-ups to help keep the basement dry. New EverLast Basement Windows were installed to provide the proper seal for a basement setting and help reduce window leaks.

To finish her basement, BrightWall, ZenWall, and EverLast Wall Panels were installed. BrightWall is a rigid plastic material that provides a vapor barrier along the foundation walls and offers a clean, bright-white finish. ZenWall are insulating panels that help make any cold basement, warmer. Using a reflective foil back, it effectively contributes to energy savings for your home, while having a durable, washable appearance to create an inviting basement environment. EverLast Wall are a paneling system that will not support mold or mildew growth and will not be damaged by water or moisture. ThermalDry Floor Matting was offered as a solution for flooring that is water resistant and will not grow mold or mildew. The raised peg system allows for air and moisture movement under the carpet so water will not become trapped under the flooring. The floor matting is also a snap-lock system that allows for quick removal in an emergency. To add finishing touches to Siobahn’s basement, ceiling tiles and trim were installed. She now has a waterproofed and finished basement.

Project Summary

Design Specialists: Bryan Nachazel & Joe Sarb

Project Foreman: Mike Clementz

Waterproofing Products: WaterGuard, LateralDrains, EverLast Windows, & TripleSafe Sump

Total Basement Finishing Products: ZenWall, BrightWall, EverLast Wall Paneling, ThermalDry Floor Matting, Ceiling Tiles, & Trim

Old drywall from the previous homeowner has left mold and mildew growth due to a poor waterproofing system.
Old drywall was taking down and area was prepped for waterproofing system.
Clogged drain tile was causing floor drains to backup and flood the basement.
WaterGuard and EverLast Windows are installed, completing the new waterproofing system.
ZenWall and EverLast Wall Panels are installed to give the walls an insulated, finished look.
BrightWall is installed in the laundry room of the basement.
ThermalDry Floor Matting, ceiling tiles, and trim complete the basement, leaving the homeowner with a properly waterproofed and finished area.