Homeowners Charles and Elaine have lived in their home since it was built in 1976. For several years they have noticed that the concrete around their pool has been cracking and sinking and has been getting progressively worse every year. They were having issues with the concrete around their pool and were concerned that if the concrete shifted any more that it would cause damage to the pool.  They were also concerned with the safety of their grandchildren. They wanted the pool to be as safe as possible and the sinking and cracking was a trip hazard. 


After seeking professional advice with other companies and not feeling satisfied with the service they decided to contact MidAmerica Basement Systems.

MidAmerica Basement Systems proudly offers top of the line concrete repair services in the form of polyurethane foam. Small ports are inserted into the concrete slabs where the foam will be pumped under the concrete. The foam is injected under the slab and fills the void under the slab that is causing the sinking and cracking. The foam expands into the void and hardens causing the concrete slab to lift and level.

The sinking slab before it was repaired with the poly foam.
After the slide concrete has been repaired.
Before the cracking and sinking were causing damage to the surrounding of the pool.