Sometimes a homeowner has more than one space underneath the home to tend to, and more than one project in mind, as is the case here in Kewanee. The homeowner wanted both the crawl space and basement renovated and waterproofed. The homeowner also wanted to further beautify the basement with flooring. 


The crawl space was encapsulated with the inorganic, strong, antimicrobial infused CleanSpace. The team installed SmartSump, the sump pump that fit perfectly in tight crawl spaces. For the basement, WaterGuard was installed as the perimeter drainage system and the King and Queen of sump pumps, TripleSafe, was installed to keep this basement dry all the time. IceGuard was installed for the freezing winter months. IceGuard works to eject water away from the foundation walls in the event of a pipe freezing. The team installed ThermalDry flooring system in Sandstone, really improving this homeowner's basement!

Crawl space before being fitted with CleanSpace liners.
Another section of crawl space before installing CleanSpace.
This crawl space is transformed thanks to encapsulating the space with CleanSpace. CleanSpace also acts as a vapor barrier providing some protection from Radon gas. The CleanSpace also has an antimicrobial additive to it that wards off mold growth.
Now that the space is sealed, it is protected from ground water, mold growing on the liner, vapor, etc. CleanSpace makes this crawl space into a possible storage area for the homeowner. It is clean, sealed, and protected.
Pictured in the back corner is the zoeller cast iron pump. It is important to consider a sump pump in the crawl space especially if there are pipes running through. In the event of a pipe bursting, the water will not have any way of draining out of the space. The SmartSump is the answer! The SmartSump is a zoeller cast iron pump that is specially designed for crawl spaces with an airtight lid and airtight drain system. It will accommodate the WaterWatch alarm system that will warn homeowners if there is rising water in the space.
Leaky utilities can cause damage and headaches for the homeowner.
These mini trenches were installed around the leaky utility. It works with the WaterGuard System to drain leaks to the sump pump away from the foundation floor.
After the team removed the last step of the stair, they continued to line the perimeter with WaterGuard.
The TripleSafe comes with 3 pumps in 1 unit, the third being the UltraSump. UltraSump is the units battery back up pump that activates during a power outage. The UltraSump Battery Switcher allows the UltraSump to pump twice as long.
ThermalDry tiles are 12 inch square modular tiles that lock tight together.
TripleSafe Sump Pump is a supreme sump pumping unit that is designed to keep basements dry all the time. But what about humidity? MidAmerica Basement Systems has the perfect solution! SaniDry is the optimal dehumidifying unit that also filters the air. The SaniDry pairs perfectly with MidAmerica's elite sump pumps as the SaniDry not only cleans and dehumidifies the air, the unit will automatically dump into the local sump pump. This space is waterproofed, dry, protected, healthy and transformed.
With ThermalDry Flooring Systems, water won't ruin them, water vapor won't travel through them and mold won't grow on them. The homeowner of this basement chose ThermalDry Tile Flooring in Sandstone.