Jeff is an Elmwood homeowner and he wanted to makeover his musty, damp crawl space so he turned to the professionals at MidAmerica basement Systems. Design Specialist, Dan Garner, was sent to the residence to provide a thorough inspection and a no obligation estimate, all at no cost to Jeff. Dan suggested some solutions that would permanently and effectively solve all of Jeff's crawl space concerns.


The project was led by Foreman, Mike Clementz. To drain any water from the various pipes in the crawl space, the team installed a SmartDrain. SmartDrain comes with an alarm which alerts homeowners if there is an internal leak. Before the team completely encapsulated the space, they began by installing drainage matting which helps water flow easily beneath the liner. CleanSpace is installed to securely seal the space. CleanSpace is a 20 mil thick liner that keeps water and water vapor out while an antimicrobial additive resists mold growth. Lastly, the team installed a SaniDry CX which filters the air while keeping humidity levels low which will freshen the air and keep mold at bay!

Pipes in the crawl space can leak or burst which can exasperate dampness in the space.
Utilities are notorious for causing leaks in the space and without a proper draining system or encapsulation, water will sit and can lead to musty smells.
Since damp crawl spaces are highly susceptible for mold growth, CleanSpace is the ideal liner to encapsulate a crawl space as it has an antimicrobial additive that fights off mold growth on the liner surface.
With CleanSpace and the installation of SmartDrain, Jeff doesn't have to worry about leaky pipes.
SaniDry CX is the ideal way to both clean the air and keep humidity levels low. Now the crawl space is brighter, cleaner, dryer AND healthier!