There will soon be new loft style apartments and new store fronts on 2nd Avenue in Rock Island. However, the crawlspace residing below the soon-to-be apartments has toxic vapors existing in the soil, caused by seepage from an old heater. The infected soil needed a vapor barrier to stop the contaminated air from reaching the residences above.


The specialists at MidAmerica Basement Systems were called to the site. Upon inspection, it was determined that CleanSpace Drainage Matting, and CleanSpace liner were the best choices to seal off this toxic crawlspace. The CleanSpace Drainage Matting directs water to drainage points in the crawlspace, which keeps the area dry. It is laid underneath the CrawlSpace liner. The CleanSpace liner provides a vapor barrier, keeps the space looking clean, and resistant to water, while trapping the vapors beneath the liner.

In this project, the limestone walls in the crawlspace created an interesting challenge for foreman Bill Wilcox and his team. The team used a hard foam to install CleanSpace to the soft limestone walls, and seal the basement, protecting the upcoming residents from the toxic vapors. Despite the limestone challenges, installing the new CleanSpace crawlspace system in the large area was completed in less than a week! The upcoming inhabitants are sure to be happy knowing their homes are protected from the contaminated soil in the crawlspace. 

Before the crew started, the crawlspace left a lot to be desired.
Here, CleanSpace Drainage Matting is being placed.
CleanSpace Drainage Matting is preparing the space for encapsulation.
Attaching CleanSpace to the soft limestone was done using a special hard foam.
CleanSpace is giving the crawlspace a nice, clean look while protecting the crawlspace from water.
The new lofts will be adjacent to two storefronts in Downtown Rock Island.