Jim S. of Davenport, IA called MidAmerica Basement Systems because his crawlspace was damp, smelly, and not well insulated. To save some money on his energy bill, and get the musty smell out of his crawlspace, Jim met with design specialist Mike Banks. Mike investigated the crawlspace, and identified some of the major problems. A big problem was water. Jim decided his crawlspace couldn't wait any longer to get fixed!


Following Mike Bank's investigation, Mike gave Jim a written proposal. Mike recommended TerraBlock, which offers 3/4 inch of foam insulation, and is installed over the CleanSpace Drainage Matting, which makes sure the water empties into one of the two SuperSump Sump Pumps. Mike also suggested CleanSpace Vapor Barrier, a SaniDry CX, SilverGlo, and discharge lines complete with IceGuard and LawnScape.

Bill Wilcox and his team got to work installing the new system. First, CleanSpace Drainage Matting was installed. Then the TerraBlock was installed over that. SilverGlo Crawl Space Wall Insulation was next in the installation process. SilverGlo Crawl Space Wall Insulation has graphite particles that offer 24% more insulation. The radiant heat barrier is visible on both sides, and it's moisture resistant. CleanSpace is installed throughout the rest of crawlspace. With the self-draining, energy efficient SaniDry dehumidifiers, Jim's crawlspace is energy efficient, and dry. Needless to say, Jim is very happy with the work. 

The crawlspace walls are afflicted with water damage.
The damp concrete is stained from water intrusions.
CleanSpace Drainage Matting is laid out within the crawlspace.
CleanSpace wraps the pillars and floor.
The SilverGlo insulates the walls, making the whole home warmer, and keeping the basement dry.
The completed project is beautiful!