Mike H. of Davenport had a bowing wall fixed in April 2015. He called the local experts, MidAmerica Basement Systems, and met with his design specialist who designed a system to stabilize the bowing walls. Happy with the wall anchors, Mike H. called MidAmerica Basement Systems back out to investigate water intrusion in his basement. Service technician, Nate Hauser, helped Mike design a waterproofing system that would best fit his needs. 


The waterproofing solution that Service Technician, Nate Hauser, created would keep the basement dry where it had previously been damp. The system includes several patented products, including CleanSpace, WaterGuard, and IceGuard. Foreman Kyle McCarty and his team got to work installing the new system. CleanSpace lined the wall to keep water out of the basement interior. Full perimeter sub-floor drainage system, WaterGuard lined the wall, working with CleanSpace to keep the basement dry. A SuperSump sump pump was also installed, giving the water a place to drain to and pump the water out. After the water is pumped out, it empties into a buried drainage line. In the winter, there is always a chance a drainage line could freeze, so IceGuard is installed so the sump pump can keep pumping water out of the basement, even if the drainage line is blocked. The finished product means a dry basement, and peace of mind for Mike!

CleanSpace Wall is installed under the WallAnchor Covers, and works directly with WaterGuard, which empties into the SuperSump sump pump.
CleanSpace Wall lining the interior before WaterGuard is installed and the WallAnchor Covers are replaced.
IceGuard attaches to buried discharge line.
The discharge line empties away from the foundation.